Carnival Blast - Privacy Policy

v1.0.1 - October 2018

The intention of this page is to explain - in plain English rather than impenetrable legalese - how, when, why and where we use your data, and the choices that are available to you.

We take your privacy seriously and we want you to feel confident that we won’t collect and use any of your data in a way that you didn’t expect or agree to.

By default we don’t collect, store or process any data which could be used to identify you (personal data).

In order for us to operate the game and its supporting systems, our system assigns you (or rather, your device) a ticket. This ticket is used to track your progress through the game and to allow us to handle support requests. It is not personal data as it is anonymous - your device presents it to us to identify itself to us but it does not allow us to identify you. You cannot opt out of this.

As well as operating the game, we use the progress data that we collect for statistical purposes - to help us to balance the difficulty of the levels, to work out where players are getting stuck, to determine which features our players like or dislike, to plan the creation of extra levels and content, and many other similar things.

We share some of the data that we collect with our external partners who assist us in operating the game. For example we use an error-reporting system. If you experience a crash (where the game unexpectedly closes), we collect details of where in the game you were at the time of the crash, along with the basic specifications of your device (make, model, screen size, memory size, etc.). We use this data to help identify the circumstances under which players experience problems with the game, so that we can rectify them.

In order to allow you to play the game for free, we display advertisements provided by a number of external partners.

If you choose to connect to Facebook, you can agree to allow Facebook to provide us with a very small amount of your personal data - your name, a link to your profile picture, your email address and a list of which of your friends are playing the game. This list allows us to operate the social parts of the game, for example to show you what level your friends have reached, what their scores are, as well as a number of other game features such as gifting. Conversely, it allows us to show your friends where you are in the game, what your scores are, etc. Other players will also see your name and profile picture in leaderboards and competitive events such as star tournaments. You can choose not to allow Facebook to give us this information, or you can withdraw your consent at any time. However if we don’t have your friends list, this will obviously mean that we can’t provide some of these features to you because we won’t know who your friends are.

If you choose to allow notifications, we will collect and store a “device token”. This does not allow us to identify you but it allows our systems to send notifications to your device. You can switch off notifications at any time from the Settings menu.

To further improve the game, we may introduce other “opt-in” features in the future. If we do, the same principles will apply. We will collect and process the data that is necessary in order for us to provide the feature that you are opting into, and you will be able to opt out if you choose.

The data that we collect is stored and processed on servers that may be inside or outside the European Union. If the data is stored or processed outside the European Union, we will have an appropriate agreement in place with the provider of the servers or services.

We may update this policy in the future and any changes will be effective from the date that they are published on this page. Please come back from time to time to stay familiar with the latest version.

Now, the unavoidable legal part:

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have to state our “lawful basis” for processing your data. There are 2 scenarios:

  1. If you don’t connect to Facebook or opt into any other similar features that require data that can be used to identify you:
  2. If you choose to connect to Facebook or opt into another feature that requires your personal data:

You can contact us by email at or by post at PO Box 10286, Nottingham, NG16 9EU, United Kingdom.